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  • Rain City Jacks: Seattle's jack-off club.
  • Vancouver, BC Jax
  • Salt Lake City!
  • From DCBenn:
    Mankind Pride (MKPr) (, the GBTQ wing of the Mankind Project (MKP) (, is an organization which helps men of all different creeds, religions, races, and sexual orientations discover and connect to their masculinity.

    Per their Mission Statement at their website, “[t]he purpose of ManKind Project is to create a safer world by growing ‘better’ men. We do this by training men in emotional literacy and supporting them to meet with each other in men’s circles.”

    MKP hosts yearly New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) weekends focused towards gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning men to fulfill this purpose. The next gateway weekend for the Bay Area is March 7-9, 2014, in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

    Openly gay actor and humanitarian Wentworth Miller is a recent graduate of the NWTA. See his recent Human Rights Campaign dinner speech at for the positive effects that an NWTA weekend can have on a man.

    We feel that a link of MKP and MKPr’s upcoming NWTA weekend in particular would be a great way to serve our community for the better.

  • From
    Healthy Friction has been doing our "Weekend of Masturbation" in Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and Ft Lauderdale for 5 Years. We also do a Circle Jerk at Burning Man, and have been at that for 5 years as well.
    Healthy Friction

  • From Darrren8:
    hello dear jack bro,
    I am the adiminstrator of the Pittsburgh pa. male masturbation group DaburghJacks.
    We are a solid group that have been meeting for several years. We finally got a website and respectfully ask that you put us on your link page listings:
    thank you,and keep jackin!

  • From the UK! A New c2c (?) group on Yahoo for men under the age of 30:
  • Camcocks!: CAMCOCKS is a YAHOO GROUP for ADULT MEN who are into JACKING-OFF CAM2CAM with other adult men from all around the world. We currently have about 9,500 REAL members. You can also access the CamCocks Yahoo Group at
  • Palms Springs:
  • Jacks in Paris!:
  • NY Jacks: Hello, to our sisters on the Other Coast!
  • Philly Jacks: Hello, to our sisters in Cheeze Steak City!
  • From Connecticut:
  • Orlando Wankers: Land of Mickey D!